Week 7 & Change

We cannot change the past. We can try as hard as we want (think), but we will not change the past. That was the gist of a discussion I had with a friend today while we grabbed a quick coffee at Starbucks. We cannot change the past. So stop dwelling on it. Stop beating yourself up over the things you did that today,you can’t change. If you had character flaws, as I did and I do, as we all do, then you have done some things that you wished you hadn’t. These things are done,behind us and can’t be undone. You can make an amends for them ,you can seek forgiveness but you can not undo the action.Here’s what I know we can do.We can change our future ; we can change our attitudes, our perceptions and our actions. So don’t torture yourself over the things that you have done in the past that you find to be objectionable to you today but instead use those things, those wrongdoings ,as your guide to what you DON’T want to be or do, going forward. Every one of us can change if we want to change. I don’t know what it is about you that you would like to change but I do know what it is about me that I would like to change and I work on those things. I’ve done many things in the past that I find very displeasing to me today. Some of them embarrass me and some of them still hurt. So I don’t anchor myself there. My past does not and will not define me; unless I allow it. So I told my friend, at coffee, why dwell on these things in the past that you have done that you cannot change? Why not use this energy in a positive fashion and dwell on the thing(s) you want to change as you grow forward? So take a moment, look at your past and say goodbye to those character flaws and start being the change you want to grow into.


The song this week is from a US indie-folk singer whose star is rising swiftly. Her name is Angel Olsen and if you’re in the Seattle area you can catch her performance at the Neptune this Saturday the 18th.



The quote this week is from the GOAT Muhammad Ali

“The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.”


Thanks for dropping by and I hope you’ll do the same next week…….

4 thoughts on “Week 7 & Change

  1. Thanks Mike, short, sweet and to the point! No matter how long I am around I still need good reminders like this. All I have is today and if I Alter my Attitude today it makes all the difference to whatever may have gone in the past, to what I do today and to the outcomes that will arrive in my tomorrows! Thanks a million. Great pic in the snow, by the way.


    • exactly Barb. And I believe we all do it to some extent but what a waste of energy. I’m trying my best to stay in today and make it regret free. Thanks for dropping a comment! Say hi to Sophie for me 🙂


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