Week 44

I had a hernia repair job on Tuesday so as I’m healing and tired I will be short this week with the words. Thanks to all the staff, nurses and doctors at the High River hospital for a great experience despite circumstances. If this was a restaurant I would guarantee I would be back. Since it’s the Hospital I hope not to be but it was the best hospital experience I’ve ever had.

I went to the AA Pioneer Dinner last Saturday with Ryan M and I was amazed at the length of the sobriety of some people there. Jim S has been sober 62 years.Pretty damn good considering an alcoholics first reflex to any situation in life is to drink to handle it. I heard them say one man wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t make the dinner but he had 63 years. That is the longest sobriety in Calgary; 63 years. I was truly inspired and impressed mostly by these men and women.They are all so vibrant. I attribute a large portion of that to how it is in the 12 step community. No one really cares about your job or your age but just whether you’re a good person or not. Often in the coffee shop before or after a meeting the table will have a variance of age of up to 60 years.It’s pretty cool to see who hangs out with who. It’s unique. It’s fantastic.

Congrats to the Toronto Blue Jays on a magnificent year and all the excitement that was provided to their fan base. I’m pumped about what next year will bring and look forward to seeing the Jays in the playoffs again.

Ok I’m getting tired and need to wind down and head over to Netflix.

The song this week is from Leon Bridges and it’s called Better Man

The quote this week comes from Albert Einstein

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow!


See you next week………

Week 43

The Canadian Federal election was this past Monday, the 19th of October, 2015. It was a brutally long campaign by Canadian measures.It was an unpleasant and harshly negative 78 days. Social media on an individual level was overused to post and repost rubbish and lies and I believe a lot of people hurt , more than some will know ,relationships with friends and family with their posts and comments about their political convictions or those of others.I was pleased to see my kids and my wife stayed away from using their Facebook feed as a place to flood friends with opinion not asked for. I’m happy this election is behind us and I’m happy for a majority government so we don’t have to go back to the polls in 12-16 months. By the time I voted I was so full of electioneering I was sure I was going to puke up an attack ad.I might not have lasted one more day. I am so sick of that shit and I am starting to believe that “no vote “just might be the vote I want to cast next time unless all major parties find a behaviour model to check themselves against; a positive behaviour model. So as the subtitle of my blog says I may not have been inspired by anyone during this election but I was damn well provoked.

Screw it! On to other things. If it hadn’t of been for the Toronto Blue Jays I may not have made it through that elections as well as I did. Thanks God for sports!


Didn’t the Blue Jays looked knackered after game 4? But what did they do? They just came back in game 5 with a stellar performance and went on to beat the KC Royals 7-1. That’s a champion effort to come back from such a critical loss in game 4 to win so convincingly in game 5. Win or lose that’s a brilliant team and what more could a fan ask of them? To see Cliff Pennington come in and pitch in game 4 as the first position player ever to pitch in a post season game and do what his manager asked of him to help the team. This team has come together so well and become great team mates. Now it’s back to KC for game 6. Go Jays GO!


A friend of mine from Facebook sent me a link on the weekend of this 94 year old who still plays pickup hockey on a regular basis! 3 times a week!! I know what it takes to play this game even at a recreational level. I sold my equipment at 50 years old and no longer play because the games were getting later and I was getting more wore out and sore. But then I see this guy and I let out a big “Whoaaaa”! This man, Mark Sertich of Duluth Minnesota is definitely an inspiration to me! He is proof that if we take care of ourselves and don’t get ill we have lots of life left in those years. He not only inspires me I hope like hell he inspires people of all ages!  My friend Neil and I are climbing Mt. Whitney in California next June. It’s all booked. Whitney is the highest mountain in the lower 48. We’re 55. We’re doing this!  Get out there and do it!

Here is an article on Mark Sertich and I hope he inspires you as he has me.

Mark Sertich


What can you do to inspire someone to be better or reach goals? Are you an inspiration? Do you try to be? I know we can all inspire others to do something, achieve something or we can cheer them on in the pursuit of their goals.

In case you were worried about me you can stop! I submitted my budget on time last week.  haha


I’ve really been enjoying season 2 of Fargo. The producers,the Coen Brothers are once again on top of their game with this one. And it’s all filmed here in Calgary except for a few scenes filmed in Strathmore and High River , two small towns within 30 minutes of Calgary


The song this week is one that reminds someone of my father and therefore when ever I hear it I think of my father who died far too young in 1982.It wasn’t what I had planned for this week but I was working over lunch,listening to Spotify and this came up.I had to change my pick on the fly in this fast action world of blogging.

Always On My Mind

And this quote from Freud which I love. I know how well this works. It is Step 4 & 5 in the 12 Steps in which I am well versed..lol

“Being entirely honest with yourself is a good exercise!”

Sigmund Freud


I hope to see you next week…………………

Week 42

It’s a short work week due to our Thanksgiving Day and a week in which I am quite busy with work. I am working on 2016 budgets. So my “life balance” this week has been primarily focussed on excel spreadsheets. Fun right? Hahaha

I had my yearly physical yesterday and the doctor said I’m in good shape for a 55 year old!! What does that even mean? I’m still undecided if I am pleased by that comment or if I should be hurt by it. I will report back on that some other time.

What a wild baseball game last night with a 7th inning that will never be forgotten and the Blue Jays prevailed and pulled off the win to take the series thanks to a pitch that was demolished by Jose Bautista.  He deserved that moment. His professional career didn’t get off to a very good start and then when he did get picked up no one would keep him. He has been with the Jays since 2008 and he has certainly persevered through some bad and ugly years and I truly believe he deserved that moment in the sun. Congrats Jose!!The Jays now move on to face the Kansas City Royals who will have home advantage. It’s gonna be a great one. Go Jays!

This is the fourth week for this blog.  I have chosen to title this blog after the week in which it’s posted.This way the blog allows me to keep my message simple and not be constrained and confined by a theme but instead it enables me to keep with the spirit of “things that that have provoked or inspired me”. I have another blog that I may link to this one later. It’s generally about recovery from addiction and because I find my recovery so personal it’s difficult for me to share my feelings as openly as a blog would have it. I’ll think about it some more before coming to a decision. Maybe this is the blog that was meant to be and the other one was just my starter blog.

I need to thank a co-worker who has really been the catalyst for this blog. Mike W. sends  group emails out weekly and is now posting regularly on LinkedIn. What motivated me the most to start this blog was Mike’s willingness to get personal and vulnerable. Something I find very rare but especially rare in mid-twenties men. Thanks Mike for the inspiration

The song of the week is from the Rolling Stones.This song opened the album “Beggars Banquet” and forever ended all suggestions of the Stones being imitators of the Beatles and locked the Stones in as Rock and Rolls bad boys with lyrics like this :

“I rode a tank / held a general’s rank / When the Blitzkrieg raged / And the bodies stank.”

I was listening to Spotify today while working on the budgets and I needed to dig in and get gritty so I hit the Stones up for some motivation. Enjoy Sympathy for the Devil

Do not ever let your defeats define you forever. It was a culmination of defeats and my surrender to alcoholism that brought me to where I am right now and I am for the very large part , quite content with my life. For what has been and what is .

The quote this week came from a Daily Devotional I was reading and is in reference to recovery. I love it!

“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.” – Maya Angelou

ok,I need to have my cost centre submitted by midnight…………

See you next week……………

week 41

It’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. This is my favorite holiday. I love Easter and I love Christmas but Thanksgiving is a holiday that reminds me to reflect on my life and put an exclamation mark on my gratitude for all that I have and all that I don’t have. It’s a family weekend without all the commercialism that Christmas brings and the anxiety and burdens of expectations that are Christmas. No Religious obligations either like Easter and Christmas. Thanksgiving is a family oriented holiday and an opportunity for me, to be a little more obvious in stating my gratitude. I try my best to show my gratitude every day of the year but this weekend is the exclamation mark. Twenty Two years ago a friend, Morley, told me that grateful is a feeling but gratitude is an action. I try very hard to show gratitude all year long for the abundances in my life.

I’ve also had opportunity the past couple of days to think of people who are no longer with me in the physical sense. My father, my mother and my big brother Burke and my nephew Iain. I’m super sad that these people are no longer alive but the memories I have of all four are splendid. I have so many good and happy memories of all of these people and these memories make me smile. I have a few regrets and they are the same ones I have with any of my healthy relationships; I never spent enough time with any of them! Today I had time to reflect on my kids and although we have what I believe are amazing relationships I still know I could spend more time with them. I need to carve out more time for these relationships.

But this weekend is about thanks. For me it’s easy to give thanks to my Creator; my Higher Power.

We will all get together Sunday at Debbie’s for turkey and mashed potatoes. All the family in town and all the friends of the family that want to join us and we will gather for the afternoon and evening. And man can my sister’s cook! That’s another thing I’m thankful for.

I will miss my father, my mother and my big brother and my nephew but I will be thankful that I am surrounded by all the family and friends who come over to Debbie’s house on Sunday. I am so fortunate. Make as much time as you can for those you love. Especially the little ones who will grow up and practise what you have taught them. When it’s cold and windy and you’re tired and a little one wants to go outside with you to play, make the time. You’ll never get the opportunity again.

Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours.

Don’t forget to tune in to the Jays ! Game 1,October 8 at 1:37 PM MST from Toronto





Go Jays!

I picked a great song to go along with the Thanksgiving weekend. It’s from one of my favourite bands. The band is called Playing for Change. I’ve been fortunate enough to see them live.

song of the week


The quote this week is from the legendary baseball pioneer, Jackie Robinson.

“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives”

See you next week………………………

Week 40

I would have to think that everyone has heard about the discovery of water on Mars. It’s been quite a news topic this past week. Humans have known there was water on Mars for quite a while now with the prior discovery of ancient river beds by the robots sent there. In the last 15 years NASA has sent Pathfinder, Phoenix, Spirit, Opportunity and most recently, Curiosity. NASA plans to send a car size robot to Mars in 2020 to further explore, not for water, but for life. I’m fairly eager to follow this story and expedition. Mankind has always had the curiosity to explore past our boundaries.It is our nature to investigate that which is unknown to us. I can think of many explorers but the most famous ones that come to mind are Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus and Ferdinand Magellan. Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk on the moon. And I presume we all have heard of Livingstone. I don’t know if mankind will walk on Mars but I won’t be surprised if they do. Exploration is what we do. We question. We explore. We discover.

Here is an inspiring clip of JFK speaking at Rice University in 1962 regarding the “race” to the moon.

Most of us have an image of what it means to “climb the ladder “of success. Most of us have different qualifications for what we define as a success. I read a very good piece this week by Chris Ackroyd that squashes the idea of a ladder and puts the whole idea in a different perspective. read it here

How about those Jays? The Toronto Blue Jays clinched the AL East title yesterday .The Jays didn’t need anyone elses help to clinch the title, no asterisk beside the win. Just an exclamation mark with a 15-2 spanking of the Baltimore Orioles. Here is a clip from yesterday with the Jays celebrating the win.


Song of the week comes “Alex Bleeker & the Freaks” and can be heard by clicking on the title, Rent.


And I’ll leave you with the quote of the week :

“For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” And whenever the answer has been “No” for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something..”

Steve Jobs


See you next week